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VPNArea is a no-logs service that provides access to servers worldwide. It is a low-cost VPN that has an outstanding reputation with consumers. It is also a VPN that provides fast speeds, and the ability to unblock highly sought after content like Netflix US and BBC iPlayer. While scouring the small print we also noticed that VPNArea allows account sharing with friends, family or colleagues, something explicitly forbidden by most providers. Overall, VPNArea is a useful VPN with basic and interesting features, including a kill switch, custom DNS option, dedicated IP and an ad blocker.

VPNArea Reviews

You can switch to the Speed tab to view servers in order of speed. That just about wraps up the main options within this desktop client. As you can see, there is plenty to play around with, although it could be displayed in a more user-friendly manner. There are explanations provided for certain features, which will be helpful for beginners.

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Finally, VPNArea also has well managed social media accounts on both Twitter (@vpnareacom) and Facebook (VPN Area – Offshore Security EOOD). What’s more, VPNArea even has a bug bounty on its website inviting white hat hackers to earn money for finding vulnerabilities in its clients. This is excellent and shows that the firm is open about wanting to ensure security on its platform. As you can see, VPNArea performs absolutely brilliantly in this particular test – meaning that it will be a VPN that feels nice and nippy when it comes to loading web pages. All in all, this makes VPNArea a quick VPN, even if it is not the very fastest service available on the market. Next we checked DNS lookup times, as these will have an effect on page load times – and can make or break a VPN because how it makes the user perceive its performance.

VPNArea Reviews

However, any affiliate earnings do not affect how we review services. Unfortunately, free VPNs aren’t as secure as paid VPNs, and they may leak your information. Free VPNs collect your personal data and sell them to other companies for a profit. The answer to my question came within 12 hours in a courteous and direct manner. My thorough testing of VPNArea live chat found it to be reliable.

Occasionally you may find that the server you have chosen is not performing as well as the others. These situations are rare but you will get vpnarea reviews used to identifying them and moving on to another, more efficient, server. VPN Area, however, only offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.

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Another unusual thing was to witness the upload speed crater five times after leaving the UK. VPNArea has some unique security systems that protect from IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks. The Anti-DNS leak system prevents your browser from revealing the domains you’re visiting to the ISP .

VPNArea Reviews

For every time point, we run a control test with no VPN connection. You can see the results shown in the boxplot below, alongside other VPNs we’ve tested in a similar manner. The median speed for each provider is shown by the line where the light and dark blue boxes meet. The spread in results is indicated by the overall box size. Once you’ve chosen your plan, you have a range of payment options, including major credit cards, PayPal, bitcoin, and payment platforms such as AliPay and WebMoney. The ability to pay with cryptocurrency is a plus for privacy-conscious users who would like to sign up as anonymously as possible.

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VPNAreas’s servers have consistent speed across countries, confirming their strong and reliable hardware infrastructure. For this particular server, I was interested in finding out what effect a short distance had on my connection speed. After reading VPNArea’s logging policy, I am assured it is committed to keeping your online activity private. With VPNArea being known for its robust security protocols and extensive torrenting support, I was curious to see if a VPN of this size could truly deliver on these claims. They evaluate the products/services in accordance with their professional standards. Every time I send an email to customer service, reply came back quickly.

In short, while the new app was easy to use, there were no US servers available, so we had to use the older, less user-friendly version instead. The first setting you see is the Ad Block & Malware Prevent which is off by default. Then you have general settings that enable you to tailor your startup options. These include things like starting up the app when you start your computer and connecting to the last server used. Once you’ve installed and run the Windows client, you can enter your credentials and select the Server List button to be taken to the main screen. This isn’t bad when you compare it to other top-rated providers we’ve reviewed in the past.

  • Apparently, VPNArea wants to cover every single aspect any user could look for.
  • Come from them, thus we’re unable to offer any refunds beyond the money back guarantee period.”
  • The settings section took us 3 clicks to open – still don’t know why.
  • I went back to the install page and noticed that there were detailed instructions on how to properly install the application.
  • The use of Stunnel technology is a secure way of accessing sites in countries such as China with strict prohibitions on accessing certain sites.

VPNArea offers an excellent apps Mac OSX, iOS, Android, and a Linux VPN GUI on several distros. It is worth noting that their iOS VPN implements IKEv2 encryption by default and does not have a kill switch. However, OpenVPN can be used by connecting via the OpenVPN connect app. VPNArea has more than 100 server locations that were strategically placed in approximately 65 different countries worldwide based on my research.

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Because of the peer-to-peer file-sharing function, I can also download and upload torrent files easily. Check the results of the actual VPN server speed tests in the table we created below. It asked you to log in on the right and had the menu on the left but none of the sections had any content in them. I went back to the install page and noticed that there were detailed instructions on how to properly install the application. They weren’t far different from what I had done but they did say to transfer the downloaded .dmg file to the applications folder before opening it. So, when trying to give it another go, I couldn’t replace the Chameleon application with the newly installed version because it said the application was open.

Connecting to these X-Stunnel servers will disguise your connection as regular HTTPS traffic, allowing you to get through China’s secure firewall. Our reviews are available in 29 languages, making them accessible to a broad audience since 2018. https://coinbreakingnews.info/ VPNArea has a rating of 4.61 stars from 231 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Reviewers satisfied with VPNArea most frequently mention customer service, live chat, and many servers.

Sadly, this technology comes with a price – a double speed drop. Aside from the encryption, we have to talk about the protocols this VPN offers. A VPN protocol determines exactly how data is routed through a connection. Each protocol has different specifications based on the benefits and desired circumstances. You may not know this, but more than 50% of VPN users operate with such services to unblock content.

You can sort by any of these, too, for example ordering the list by ping time with a click. Currently, they run 40+ servers in 20 locations across 11 countries and offer over 2000 IP addresses, which is not the most… If I’m being honest, it was very inconvenient that, when I was having trouble with the application, there was no one to help me on live chat.

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This is a reasonable price for what the users get in return, especially when it comes to unblocking streaming channels such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu. Let’s be honest, the first thing anyone does when trying to purchase a product is to check the prices. Everyone’s on a budget and everyone is looking for excellent features with good prices. While the English language is used all over the world, some online users still depend on their native language to navigate through the World Wide Web.

You can also check out anti-DNS leak and auto IP changer details from there and make server settings. Therefore, newcomers may find it somewhat difficult to navigate. However, after climbing the learning curve, they’ll be rewarded with more functionality than comparable VPNs offer. Luckily, VPNArea has a 24/7 live chat feature so that you can contact customer support at any time. VPNArea has dedicated clients for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux. With a server size consisting of over 200 servers, they claim to have the fastest speeds of any VPN.

We all know how it feels to fall victim to geo-blocking and other content restrictions, which is why a VPN is always a must, especially if users are avid streamers. BBC iPlayer will be the last streaming channel to test VPNArea with. Technically, there’s no one around the world who doesn’t know the BBC as a company. However, it did take a long time to find the right server and the dedicated Netflix ones were practically useless.

Finally, VPNArea has the option to change the IP address/VPN server automatically. The users get to choose the exact duration for this IP shuffle to take place. A VPN might be the first option, but it’s definitely not the only one. A connection to a VPN server will cause a drop in the connection speed – that’s inevitable.

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